Jim Shafer, President Shafer & Company, Denver

"I have been doing this for 40 years.  I have never seen anything so exciting!"

Rich from Village of Hinsdale, IL

Thank you!

Mrs. S.  from Hinsdale, IL

"our gutters and downspouts now perfectly frame our house"

Mr. T from China speaking to Greg

Mr. T:  "By law, we cannot use toxic products.

Greg:  "PatinaNOW is all-natural.  It is perfectly safe.

Mr. T:  "We buy pre-treated copper from Germany but it doesn't look natural. 

​Greg:  PatinaNOW costs 40% less and it looks a lot better than that stuff."

Mr. J.  from Salt Lake City, UT

"I didn't know you could do this.   I have got tons of clients who want this look.  What is your website, again?"

Mr. A.  from Oak Brook, IL

"Wow!   What a difference!"

Don from Lions Club International

"We would enthusiastically recommend PatinaNOW to anyone who wants their old copper to look beautiful!  PatinaNOW's professionalism and dedication are to be commended."

A DIY from Indiana

"It worked just like you said it would"

Everybody from Everywhere


Ski, President, Chicago Metal Supply

"Simply Amazing!"

Mr. R.  from Burr Ridge, IL

"We have been waiting 20 years for our copper to turn, you guys did it in one day"

Greg B. Donnelly
Owner, PatinaNOW LLC
815 Merry Lane, Suite A
Oak Brook, IL  60523

Cell/Text:  630-567-6903

Mr. and Mrs. C.  from Hinsdale 

"It's just gorgeous.   It is perfect for our style of home"

Here's what our customers are saying . . .

Mr. R.  from Schaumburg, IL

"We used it on new copper and way below the recommended temperature and it still worked.  

You saved us 1000's of dollars."

25 Years in 24 Hours