Q: Is PatinaNOW a chemical, paint or varnish?

A: No. PatinaNOW is a patent-pending, all natural formula that jump starts the natural aging process of your copper.

Q: What are the ideal conditions to apply PatinaNOW?

A: 70 degrees and sunny.   The copper should be dry and warm.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our price is $189.00 for sprayer and 2 gallons of formula.

Q: How much does one tank cover?

A: 1200-1500 square feet of copper.

Q: Can we just treat a weather vane or roof cap?

A: Yes.  The formula has a very long shelf live and one tank can be used for many small projects.

‚ÄčThe sprayer tank hose and applicator must be very well rinsed after each use.   

Q: How long does the PatinaNOW process take?

A: You will see a color change within 24 hours, but the patina process will continue for months.

Q: Does the PatinaNOW finish wear off over time?

A: No. Actually the finish will continue to become more natural and more robust with time and exposure to the elements.

Q: Will PatinaNOW damage my existing home, plants, paint, grass, etc?

A: No. PatinaNOW does not cause damage to existing structures or materials.

While no guarantees can be made, PatinaNOW has been field tested for over three years without damage of any kind to any other building materials.

Q: Does PatinaNOW damage the underlying metal?

A: No. Patination is the naturally occurring layer of "rust" that coats the micro-surface of copper.

This layer of patination protects the underlying copper metal from deterioration.

Q: Can the process be reversed?

A: No. PatinaNOW changes the surface/surface color of your copper. It will be "perfectly imperfect" as nature intended.

Q: Will copper age naturally with time?

A: Yes.  All copper will gradually turn a dull brown; and after a period of 25-30 years the greenish hue of patination will appear.

PatinaNOW safely accomplishes this effect in 24 hours.  "25 Years in 24 Hours."

25 Years in 24 Hours

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Owner, PatinaNOW LLC
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PatinaNOW Copper Aging Treatment Process

Directions For Use (see packaging):

Use PatinaNOW only as directed. 

Follow all directions included with the sprayer. 

For external use only. 

Shake well before and during use. 

Use on copper surfaces that have been exposed to the weather for a minimum of 3 - 6 months or longer. 

Use PatinaNOW in temperatures above 70 degrees. 

Use in dry weather with no expected rainfall for 24 - 48 hours. 

Set sprayer to mist. 

Apply 12" to 15" away from the copper surface. 

Apply to all copper surfaces with one even coat. 

Slow and steady in an over-lapping circular pattern.


Treat every side of the exposed copper - top , sides and bottom.  

IMPORTANT:  All copper should always be sprayed bottom to top. 


Apply minor touch-ups, if needed, after 24 - 48 hours.


Not for use on any other metal or metal alloys other than pure copper.  More than one application may result in light flaking. 

PatinaNOW will permanently change the micro-surface of copper. 

The treated surfaces will continue to patina naturally as they are exposed to weather. 

PatinaNOW is not harmful to people, plants, or animals. 

PatinaNOW does not damage any other building materials;

brick, wood, plastic or glass. 

A 2 gallon container of solution will cover approximately 1,000 to 1,200 square feet of flat copper surface. 


Remember - "Less is More".   Do not over-apply.